19th – Live Entertainment
20th – Matthew Hickey
26th – CJ Ausburn
27th – Jason Ellis
28th – Tommy Brooks


2nd – Morgans Mill
3rd – Highway 33
9th – The One Way Band
10th – The Last Train Robbery Band
16th – Live Entertainment
17th – CJ Ausburn
23rd – Ryan Roberts
24th – Jason Ellis
30th – Will Shepard


1st – Matthew Hickey
7th – Jay Dee
8th – Kitty Wampus
14th – Tommy Brooks
15th – Live Entertainment
21st – Jason Ellis
22nd – CJ Ausburn
28th – Ryan Roberts
29th – Live Entertainment


4th – Jay Dee
5th – Morgans Mill
11th – The One Way Band
12th – Will Shepard
18th – Kitty Wampus
19th – Matthew Hickey
25th – Jason Ellis
26th – CJ Ausburn


1st – The Last Train Robbery Band
2nd – Live Entertainment
8th – Live Entertainment
9th – Live Entertainment

Past Events

first place in People’s choice award in the Chili cook off

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